Effortlessly collect unpaid accounts with our automated system. Identify and collect on outstanding accounts receivable: denied claims, rejected claims and uninsured patients are our specialty.

Collect the uncollectible with Recover

Improve submissions by drawing upon claims and remittance data to auto-populate accurate claim data and generate appeals.

Complete Visibility

Recover provides complete transparency on the status of each claim. We automate communications via encrypted files in EDI, HL7, or CSV formats to provide our clients with the safest and best possible experience.

Data Integration

Recover aggregates data from several sources to leverage with cutting-edge technology such as deep learning algorithms and natural language processing to collect previously uncollectible claims.

Risk Free Structure

Recover offers a risk free service to collect the uncollectible medical bills with no cost unless funds are collected. Our success-based fee structure ensures that you don't have to pay anything unless we collect.

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Drive more revenue with Recover

Recover uses machine learning to capture unpaid accounts receivable by leveraging data to improve automated follow-ups, reduce avoidable write-offs and accelerate revenue collection.

Maximum Claim Reimbursements with Recover

The Recover product from Remitz is designed to quickly and easily recover unpaid medical bills. Our recovery process is secure and compliant with HIPAA and OAuth 2.0, and leverages cutting-edge technology such as deep learning algorithms and natural language processing. With our success-based fee structure, you only pay when we collect. Our team of experts can help streamline your billing process and ensure you get the most out of your medical accounts receivable.

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