Collect automates medical billing by streamlining claim pre-processing to ensure that medical claims are collected quickly and efficiently. Leveraging Remitz’s cutting-edge technology and deep learning algorithms helps your organization ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency.

The power of AI and deep learning in medical billing to improve patient outcomes

Collect analyzes large amounts of data to make predictions about insurance coverage and reimbursement, which improves the accuracy of the billing process and reduces the risk of errors.

Cross-Platform Integration

Collect's platform also integrates seamlessly with other systems, such as electronic health records, which allows for real-time data exchange and improved workflow. The platform provides a variety of customizable reports and dashboards, which can be easily exported in multiple formats, such as PDF, Excel, and CSV.

Deep Analytics

Collect also provides detailed reporting and analytics on the billing process, which allows healthcare providers to monitor and optimize their billing process. The platform provides real-time analytics on denied claims, reimbursement, and other important metrics, which helps healthcare providers to identify areas of improvement.

Improve Compliance

Compliance is a critical aspect of medical billing, and Collect is designed to ensure that healthcare providers are fully compliant with all relevant regulations. The platform is constantly updated to comply with the latest regulations, so healthcare providers can rest assured that their billing process is fully compliant.

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Drive more revenue with Collect

Collect offers a streamlined and automated process for checking patient eligibility and collecting payment for services. The platform works with over 8,600 payors to provide real-time and batch eligibility checks as part of the automated claim submission process, ensuring accurate patient information and returning patient benefit information.

The smart choice for intelligent medical billing, in a few clicks

Collect includes a comprehensive eligibility picture for each patient to accelerate patient care, making it easy for providers to confirm coverage is active, in the right filing order and billable. The product also includes automated claims and remittance processing, which helps to clean claims and standardize submission, as well as return remittance.

In addition, Collect provides access to over 8,600 different payors. Collect can identify and correct uncollected coverages for self-pay patients, helping to increase collection rates.

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